We make it as easy as possible to buy digital currency. Simply send funds to your account, and then buy or sell bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, iota, monero, and ripple.

Real-time Trading and Settlement

Trade digital currency against dollars.


Any funds deposited in your account are segregated, audited, and insured through our custodian Alt 5 Sigma Inc.


Supports around-the-clock 24 days a week, 365 days a year trading, and legally compliant.

Advanced Order Types

Customisable charts and stop-loss orders. Easily automate your trading experience so your portfolio grows while you aren't around.

Transparent Fees

Transparent and low fees which are easy to understand, with no hidden costs.

Our Platform, your portfolio

Our state of the art trading platform gives you a front row seat to the cryptocurrency market. We have the resources, tools and analysis you need, to take and automate those important decisions when they matter the most. Trade with over 1000 digital coin contracts at your ease and convinience.


Our mining facility supports over ten thousand concurrent mining machines, specially configured to ensure maximum hashrates. Our mined cryptocurrency is fed directly back to the exchange in order to help maintain liquidity and availability for your trades.


Our institutional-grade technology allows for blazing speeds of over one million transactions per second for high-performance cryptocurrency trading, securing your trades and ensuring you bid and sell orders are fulfilled on time, and when you expect them.


Bitcoin Generation is fully committed to the cryptocurrency community. Need help developing a cryptocurrency and testing your Proof of Work? Bitcoin Generation is here to help. Proven cryptocurrencies can place requests to be a listed, traded commodity on the exchange.